Trichiasis of the Eyelashes | Causes and Treatment

Trichiasis is a pathological condition that affects the eyelashes and leads to an anomalous form. In  fact, the eyelashes in trichiasis are directed towards the eyeball rather than towards the outside of the eye.

This condition often involves a situation of intense pain or irritation; in the event that the eyelashes in trichiasis are not promptly treated or monitored with due attention, there is a risk of the formation of corneal ulcers, scars, and, in the most severe  cases, loss of vision.

trichiasis of the eyelashes

The Possible Causes of Trichiasis

The leading  causes of this pathology are represented by a set of pathological ocular conditions, such as:

  • infections
  • inflammation caused by contact with chemicals
  • congenital defects or malformations
  • autoimmune diseases
  • physical trauma resulting from accidents or caused by surgery
  • blepharitis (an inflammatory process of an infectious nature affecting the eyelids)
  • burns
  • trachomas,e., infectious diseases of the conjunctiva caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome (acute hypersensitivity reaction caused by drug reactions or infections)
  • conjunctivitis of an inflammatory nature (wind or sun)
  • conjunctivitis of an infectious nature (bacterial or viral)
  • keratoconjunctivitis (temporary inflammation of the conjunctiva or cornea)
  • epiblefaron, a congenital pathology of the eyelid
  • distichiasis, e., the presence of an additional row of eyelashes

Trichiasis differs from entropion because of the position of the eyelid margin, which  in trichiasis is correct; the evaluation takes place during an ophthalmologist visit and includes the examination with fluorescein in order to exclude abrasions or ulcerations of the cornea.


Trichiasis Treatment

Treating eyelashes in trichiasis means eliminating the contrast between the eyelashes and the cornea. If  the eyelashes are not excessively numerous, it is reasonable to intervene by removing them by ciliary electrolysis or simply with pliers.

If  the pathological situation of the eyelashes in trichiasis is more serious, it is necessary to intervene surgically to normalize their position; microsurgical therapy involves the use of different techniques of cryoablation , laser therapy, radiofrequency, and electrolysis aimed at cauterizing the follicles of individual abnormal lashes.

This type of outpatient surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

In any case, pending the definitive treatment, it is necessary to undergo topical therapy, which  consists of the application of lubricating or antibiotic creams.