Eliminate Presbyopia Thanks to Modern Technologies of Blue Eye in Milan

If you are looking for an eye care center to eliminate your presbyopia in Milan or Vimercate, contact Blue Eye. The quality of our technologies is essential for obtaining the best result and full patient satisfaction.


Presbyopia is a defect of focusing with near vision that depends on the physiological aging of the tissues of the eye. The function called accommodation becomes less efficient. This is the natural ability of the lens to focus on images of about 30 to 50 centimeters of distance.

Without glasses, it becomes difficult to read, dial telephone numbers, use the computer and in short, perform normal daily activities that require close vision. All this becomes even more problematic if glasses are already used to correct myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism because one must resort to double glasses or multifocal lenses that are not tolerated by all.


Presbyopia is not a refractive defect, but a normal and physiological condition of the eye that affects everyone and usually occurs after 45 years of age. It is due to a decrease in the eye’s accommodation power below 4 diopters caused by a progressive stiffening of the lens.

The crystalline lens is the section of the eye that is colorless and transparent, like a biconvex lens placed between the iris and the vitreous body that allows to see clearly both from afar and near.

Over the years, the lens loses its elasticity and progressively fails to reach the curvature necessary to allow focusing on nearby objects that consequently appear blurred.


The use of multifocal contact lenses or multifocal glasses surely solves the cases of mild or moderate presbyopia. However, to eliminate the problem definitively, we have the most effective methods available.

In Blue Eye, we have two surgical techniques to eliminate presbyopia.

Refractive surgery procedures are very effective and most, if not all, patients are suitable. To understand which treatment is suitable for you, it is essential that you come for a refractive visit during which our specialist will evaluate the most appropriate technique for your case.


With the implantation of intraocular lenses, the refractive defect present in myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism is also corrected in the same operation.


The laser is a technology with which it is possible to carry out the operation with absolute precision. The only program that has obtained the CE mark for the correction of presbyopia in association with the correction of a refractive defect is available at the Blue Eye Ocular Microsurgery Center.

One of the main strengths of Supracor is its effectiveness in correcting presbyopia even in hyperopic patients, people who, due to an eyeball that is too short, have difficulty seeing closely.

The second very important aspect is that it is not a monovision corrective procedure (over a single distance). Patients operated with the Supracor procedure will enjoy excellent vision from distance, intermediate and up close vision in both eyes, in so that binocular vision is not affected.

The Advantages of the Supracor Procedure
The benefits of the Supracor procedure for eliminating presbyopia are many:

– is suitable for treating a wide range of presbyopic patients, even those who have previously performed a LASIK procedure,
– corrects both near and distance vision,
– uses the established LASIK treatment technique,
– allows quick visual recovery,
– is quick and painless,
– is highly customizable,
– allows a quick return to normal activities.

How To Perform the Supracor Treatment
Supracor uses a combination of femtosecond laser and excimer laser. The treatment involves first creating a thin flap on the front surface of the eye using a femtosecond laser or microkeratome. This upper layer or flap is then moved to one side to allow the surgeon to access the cornea. Therefore, the surgeon uses the excimer laser to accurately reshape the cornea and treat presbyopia.

For greater safety, the excimer laser uses Advanced Control Eye-Tracking (ACE) Technology. Through the recognition of the iris, a dynamic tracker continuously follows the movements, even involuntary, of the patient’s eyes and pupil rotation, simultaneously adjusting the laser beam.

At the end of the procedure, the surgeon repositions the flap in its original position that will heal spontaneously within a few days.

After the Supracor Operation
Like the other types of treatment of refractive defects by Laser, the great advantage of Supracor is that it allows the patient to eliminate the use of glasses or contact lenses. Only in certain conditions, when reading books with particularly small characters or in poor light conditions, the glasses can make reading more comfortable even for the operated patient.

In general, remote viewing takes a few months to stabilize while an improvement in near vision occurs only in 1-2 days.

After the operation, you can feel some mild discomfort like a slight reddening or a feeling of skidding as the brain may have to adapt to the change of vision. All drawbacks disappear in a few days.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and give yourself a new view without glasses!

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