Intraocular Lenses


What Are They

In cases where laser corneal surgery cannot be implemented, it is possible to insert a phakic intraocular lens, that is without the extraction of the crystalline lens.

The lens is designed and manufactured specifically for the patient, after performing specific pre-operational exams to obtain precise measurements of the internal spaces of the eye, the gravity of the visual defect, and the number of endothelial cells that protect the cornea inside the eye.

The phakic lens can be placed in the anterior chamber, in front of the pupil, in the posterior chamber, behind the pupil, and between the iris and the crystalline lens.

The implant procedure occurs under topical anaesthesia with a small incision that does not require surgical sutures. Usually, an eye after the other is operated.

The second operation is scheduled the following day or after a few days. This kind of operation is generally characterized by a high-quality optical result with correcting serious defects.

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