Eye Centre Milan


The BLUE EYE Ocular Microsurgery centre was founded in 1998 and, thanks to the experience of the experts that work here and the use of cutting-edge technologies, has established itself as a private benchmark facility in the prevention and treatment of different ocular pathologies.

BLUE EYE was created in accordance with the most advanced architectural and health organisation criteria. 800 square meters on one single floor include the medical retina and refractive surgery divisions as well as the core of our structure, the operating block, that can be accessed through a sterile filter which is exclusively dedicated to ophthalmic surgery in outpatient and day surgery. Separated areas, a sickroom and a sterilisation centre, are located near the operating theatre to prepare the patients and to manage postoperatively. Every sector is characterised by the use of materials such as wood, glass and steel, which are combined differently so as to identify technical areas in a homogeneous path, which are always welcoming and comfortable.

In case of emergency, the functionality of the two operating theatres (surgical and refractive) is guaranteed by continuity groups whose duration is more than enough to safely conclude every procedure. The elaboration of standard protocols for every surgical performance and of rules regulating the roles and activities of the nursing staff guarantee the highest safety for the patient. The Blue Eye ocular microsurgery centre is first and foremost a structure that supports the optician who can find highly-qualified staff and advanced technological solutions. Even today, in spite of the economic crisis, Blue Eye believes it is important to keep on investing in technologies that allow for the maintenance and increase in the value of those features that have guaranteed the centre’s success all these years.

In 2006 the Region of Lombardy allowed Blue Eye to hospitalise patients providing day-care facilities, with local and general anaesthesia.

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