Blue Eye is a Partner of Cimiano Football

Cimiano Football and Blue Eye have communicated to reach a partnership agreement, which will cover the 2019/2020 (ongoing) and 2020/2021 seasons.

BLUE EYE is a clinic that operates in the field of ophthalmology and eye microsurgery. It aims to guarantee the customer absolute reliability and experience by selecting its staff of orthoptists and the team of highly qualified and sought after surgeons on the international market, in order to offer the best solution for any type of pathology and / or visual defect, designed specifically for the patient’s needs.

BLUE EYE has been based in Milan for 20 years and in Vimercate for 3 and offers the best technologies of the latest generation, to offer its patients a definitive solution to their visual defects, in complete safety.

«The partnership with Blue Eye», declares the President Federico Galli, «arises from the sharing of objectives and values: we are two companies that want to offer quality services to all the people around us. A partner like Blue Eye can be useful to our young members and also to their parents and all those we host within the Cimiano Sports Center».

Blue Eye is a Partner of Cimiano Football
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