How long have you not checked your children’s eyesight?

Back to School: Let’s Dedicate Ourselves to Prevention

September is the month of the resumption of all school and extracurricular activities and October is the month of prevention! What better time it is to dedicate ourselves to prevention and also take care of our eyesight, which sometimes remains the last on the list.

Before the beginning of each school year, it is absolutely essential to take our children, whether younger or older, to a vision check to identify any visual defects that can be corrected with the use of the right eyeglasses, or to prevent or diagnose any pathologies early on, which we may not notice on our own.

For younger children, the first visit can take place between the ages of two and three. At this age, any visual defects that cause strabismus or amblyopia (lazy eye) lead to reduced visual development if neglected. This then becomes irreversible after six years of age, so it must be identified and corrected early. In this case, the treatment is all the more effective the earlier the diagnosis is.

For children and teenagers who go to school, it is good to resort to the annual routine visit. Contact the ophthalmologist immediately if the child always feels the need to get too close to objects, often has headaches, has difficulty reading and writing, deviates the eye constantly or erratically.

Any child who has visual symptoms even of recent onset should be examined.

Blue Eye welcomes its patients in the brand new center in Milan, or in that of Vimercate, for an informative interview with specialists, who will be able to show mothers the best way to take care and protect the eyes of their little ones. Of course, the monitoring must also be done by both mothers and fathers!