Blue Eye Acceptance: Questions and Answers

Hi, my name is Francesca, I have been working at the Blue Eye center for a few years and I take care of all the acceptance part.

Today I am here to answer some questions that patients usually ask us when they call our center.

When was the Blue Eye clinic born and what does it do?
The Blue Eye center was founded in 1998 and has been involved in eye surgery for more than 20 years.
We perform interventions from a simple chalazion, to cataract, retina, corneal transplant and refractive defects.

Is Blue Eye a partner clinic?
The center has agreements with various insurance companies, funds, the largest health insurance companies and the major insurance networks. In some cases, we help the patient or it is us in acceptance who take care of opening the insurance practice.

Does Blue Eye have an agreement with the National Health Service?
The Blue Eye center is not insured with the National Health Service, for this reason the waiting times to book an appointment or eye surgery are very fast.

What to do to schedule a visit?
The first contact with our patient takes place by telephone. Subsequently, a first specialist visit is performed in which the doctor will evaluate the state of health of the eyes. In treatment and interventions, the doctor will accompany the patient at a full 360°.

Is Blue Eye an accredited center?
The Blue Eye center is accredited for both Day Hospital and outpatient operations.

How can I reach the Blue Eye center?
The Blue Eye center is located in the heart of the city of Milan and to reach us, it is possible to pay the ticket for area C and the closest underground station is Missori.

Is it possible to have private financing?
In the event that a patient is not affiliated with one of our private insurance companies, it is possible to have private financing. All our invoices are deductible.

Is a receipt for work issued?
We remind you that for eye examinations it is important to be accompanied and in the event that the visit falls within the working hours, we will issue hourly proof.

For any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Blue Eye center.